Getting The Best From Sunflower Tattoos

When it comes to vibrant flowers, the sunflower makes the list and it evokes happy feelings in the mind. Sunflower tattoos are some of the most valued body arts and they are very popular with women and girls, although even men who are not too shy about having feelings can still have them inked on their bodies. Sunflowers are used to symbolize spiritual attainment, flexibility and opportunity. They are also believed to attract good luck, wealth and prosperity hence they make very good tattoos if these are some of the things that you wish to attract to your life.

Generally, sunflowers are very positive and you can be sure to get and deliver only positive vibes when you select a sunflower tattoo. The tattoos are associated with a list of feelings like beauty, devotion, warmth, happiness, joy, adoration, cheer, grace, longevity, religion and femininity. You can use your sunflower tattoo to feel happy or to reveal loyalty to family or friends. However, there are a few things you should do to get the very best from your sunflower tattoos.

Choose the right area

Considering how positive and uplifting the flowers can be, it is best that you choose an area that makes it easy for to expose the flowers to another and an area that give you easy viewing of the flowers. The wrist, inner or outer arm shoulder and ankles or legs make some of the best areas that you can have the tattoo on.

Choose the right size of the flower

The sunflower can be as big as you wish for it to be as long as it does not end up distorting the good looks of the flower. Choose a size that still makes the sunflower visible and easy to make out. The area you chose to have it inked can determine the suitable tattoo size so have this in mind when thinking about placement.

Decide whether to go single or multiple

Most people love single sunflower tattoos while others prefer more than one and some even choose a group of sunflowers together in a bunch. The number of flowers you want in one location can have an effect on the size and the look of the tattoo. A bunch of small sunflowers can be amazing, but you can also look stunning in a large single flower; choose what pleases you the most.

Consider other elements

There are people who prefer having just the yellow face of the flower tattooed but others might prefer the entire plant including the stem and the leaves. The best thing about tattoos is that you have the freedom to choose what should be included. Apart from selecting leaves and the stems, you can have your tattoo done with other relevant elements such as the sun, bees and butterflies swarming around the flower. Be creative and you will in the end manage to have a very beautiful and unique sunflower tattoo. Your tattoo artists can help you with the options.

Sunflower tattoos are some of the most beautiful. You can bring out the best from your tattoo by playing around with the sizes, elements and colors. Be as vibrant and happy as a sunflower with a sunflower tattoo.

Five Secrets To Help You Find The Best Tattoo And Piercing Destination

When you are the kind of person that is in deep into the tattoo and piercing world, you don’t sweat being able to find a parlor that gets you some really satisfying body art. It’s kind of nice to have that kind of “in” when inspiration hits. For others, though, especially if it is their first foray into body art, knowing where to get a great tattoo or expert piercing can be incredibly difficult.

Now, there are probably some of you out there who might find the notion of having a hard time getting a tattoo or a piercing kind of silly. After all, there once was a time when you could get a pretty snazzy bit of ink at a carnival all while your kids ate cotton candy & played games. Times have changed, and with these changes comes new standards in health & safety.

There is also a much greater fascination and acceptance of body art than there used to be. Now, it’s not uncommon to see soccer moms sporting a little bit of ink or a cute little nose ring. You might even spot a little bit of ink just poking out of the rolled-up sleeve of your geography teacher. There was a time when body art was for the outliers of society, but that just isn’t the case. This, of course, creates a golden opportunity for artists looking to make some serious financial gains by providing a welcome service.

We go back, again, to the possible first-timer looking to get a tattoo or a piercing. If he or she is to find a reputable parlor or artist, where should they start?

Here are a few secrets to finding the best tattoo and piercing destination:

Check Online – As is the case for anything you are curious about these days, the first place you want to check for reputable parlors is online. Check parlor websites, online business reviews, and even check public health records to see how a place stacks up.

Ask People About Their Body Art – If you rock a “tat” or a piercing, nothing is cooler than when someone asks you where you got your sick ink from. Ask friends, family, and co-workers where they’d recommend you go.

Have A Design or Piercing In Mind – By knowing what you want ahead of time, you can determine whether a parlor/artist can deliver what you want. If you’re not happy with the process by which they go by, then they may not be the place to go.

Visit Parlors/Shops and Check Them Out – Just because you go in doesn’t mean you have to “buy” something. Check out the shop, look at any photos they have of past clients, ask questions, and get a feel for the place.

“Interview” Artists – If you have the chance, talk to some artists & see if you click with them. Find out about their background, the process of their work, and even the supplies they use. If an artist isn’t willing to “talk shop” with you, go someplace else.

Finding the best tattoo and piercing destination for your first, or hundredth, bit of body art shouldn’t be a stressful time. You should relish in the idea that you’re doing something that’s got a little edge, a lot of coolness, and definitely makes you unique.

Choosing A Tap Dance Program That Works For You

Tap dancers who are experienced in the dance make it look fluid and effortless. The footwork involved in tap dancing is however not achieved overnight. It calls for lots of dedication, flexibility and drive to manage pulling off those tap routine that are all so thrilling. With experience, a dancer can create their own rhythm using the numerous steps that feature in the dance. If you love tap dancing, then you would need to create the time to train your feet.

A tap dance program can go a long way in getting you familiar with the steps like shuffle and single buffalo among others. Most of the steps are simple but make the components in the tap choreography. A dance instructor can help you learn the dance easily, but there is also the option of choosing an online program to learn the dance when it is most convenient for you. You can find very good tap syllabus online, but how do you ensure that you have a program that will work in bringing out the very best in you?


Even in dance, there are different levels. You really cannot go right into becoming a professional, you must begin somewhere. In the same sense, what children need to start with tap dancing is not the same as what adults require. For this reason, a good tap program should be segmented into different packs for children and adults. With this kind of packs, it becomes possible for you to start where you are bound to be most comfortable in. For instance, children of a certain age can only manage simple moves and then graduate into the next; a well-structured program makes it possible for every kind of learner to start in their rightful place.


Considering that you will be required to download a tap program online, it means that the instructor will not be physically with you to take you through the lessons and the syllabus as a large. You therefore want to choose a program that comes with all the resources you need to get you started and sharpen your tap dance skills. Apart from including a manual, a good program will also come with detailed videos to teach step by step till you perfect. Other essentials in a program are suitable music that helps you work around rhythm and to perfect those steps, corners and turns.


Whether you need to get the whole syllabus may be to train your class or a single pack to help you learn the dance at a personal level, it all should be affordable. The complexity of the program can of course play a role in how much money you pay in the end, but it all should be at reasonable prices. It may be easier to get a complete package compared to buying a single pack at a time, but then again the latter works for those who can afford one pack at a time. Ensure you can afford the program to your desired level of tap dancing.

A tap dance syllabus can transform you into a skilled dancer even without an instructor being physically present. When you choose a tap dance program that works for you, you will be at your best in no time at all.